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the day you were born bad medicine stole your momma's dreams you were called "no-one-at-all" a bad omen of destiny sad youth abandoned to progress feels like copper street hard to pine for anything else never knew chestnuts when they were free lonely are the brave but you felt it was either death or escape

hitchin' rides was going slow i stole a car when it started to snow it was tar dark when i hit that deer i parked my car and said "i'll stay right here and we shall descend into the dust together" and with my hand upon his neck he breathed his last breath by my side then i felt compelled, i tried and i failed to make a blanket from his hide when the morning came why was i still alive?

back in town on a sunday evening in the sleet you were standing in a parking lot like your stomach it was empty why'd you come here you forgot watching your breath through the air it moved you naked and purple shaking and old a peregrine falcon was watching you perched on a wire it was blazing gold "are you aprophet or a thing of evil?" you tried to speak but your words they froze

i lay me down in a puddle to sleep for the first time in my life i had a dream i caught the vision of the whole world suffering i heard the melancholy chorus of a convicts soar singing "go down ol' hannah don't you rise no more! go down ol' hanna don't your ride no more! and if if you do rise, set the world on fire! if you do rise, bring judgement day!" when i woke up i was singing this too i was dissapointed to find the sky was blue i though, i don't know what i'm gonna do maybe i'll ust go back to school

...nameless here forever more...

...come though Spirit who move through all things...