experiment #3: remember your creator in the days of your youth

by theillalogicalspoon

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"Rejoice, young one, during your youth, and let your heart be pleasant during the days of young adulthood. And follow the impulses of your heart and the desires of your eyes. Yet know that God will bring you to judgement for all these things. Remember also your Creator in the days of your youth, before the evil days come and the years draw near when you will say, 'I have not delight in them.'" Ecclesiastes 11:9, 12:1


released April 15, 2008

Recorded in the Ferguson basement in Jackson, MI, April and May of 2008.
Mixed May and June of 2008.
Anti-copy right 2008. No rights reserved.

This is, loosely, a concept album. Lyrically every track has a connection to the book of Ecclesiastes. So, after you have listened to it, if you like the music enough to listen again, read through Ecclesiastes and perhaps some of the concepts we were trying to express might make a little more sense. (also see: Reason For Being: A Meditation on Ecclesiastes by Jacques Ellul)



Track Name: The Hours
There was so much life! There was so much life! But I wanted to die (i hated my toil cause I could always say "so what?")
I couldn't see how to grasp that flower, every time my hands touched it, it began to wither
The moonlight picked a spot to shine to pull the earth hither, but it could not detach a blossom from the dark of my desires
I thirsted for that wine of joy, I pulled the cork -a trigger- it didn't deliver, instead it ricocheted i sat and watched the bottle shatter
I'm trying to find something that I cannot find, I'm trying to find something I cannot find
My heart started thumping, but it left me behind.

There was so much life! There was so much life! But I fell asleep (you should never sleep because there is so much to find out)
I hated my toil cause I could always say: "so what?"
If I do or if I don't it doesn't matter much
Everything is wearisome, man cannot explain
took the road less travelled it was pretty much the same
House of boredom and wondering why
wishing I was some place else, too weak to cry
Worked myself up saying it's good to be alive
but in the end though wise or fool everybody dies
While were here the days go back and forth between chaotic stress and nothingness feelings of vanity
Even walking with my Lord joy's home
The distance is more obvious I most feel alone.

The hours they have nothing to give
never the less we must live
the hours they have no guarantee
this applies to everything.

There was so much life! There was so much life!
Track Name: Moonlight and Fog #1
In the moonlight and fog we spoke of love and revolution
my lips were tired in the morning but not just from talking

In the moonlight and fog streetlights made a little stage
but we stepped off into the shadows to be humble

In the moonlight and fog out hands in each others pockets
because it's cold and we'd like to stay warm /
and like Ecclesiastes says, "How can one be warm alone?
But two lying down together that is good and warm."

In the moonlight and fog O vanity of vanities
Yes, everything is vanity, but I swore life had meaning.
Track Name: Grasping the Wind
the girl's story:

You find yourself climbing your windowsill, out running in the backyard, walking on the side of the road at dusk alone.

Analyzing each page in the life you lead who you are and who you want to be trying to find the meaning of your personal history deep in your brain.

Change is the only constant theme. The moon and the sun are touching two extremes of the sky and in-between you sigh you see a field of corn.

In which a silver balloon says "happy birthday", you grab its' tail and you drift away, and as you sway in the wind it begins to say "Don't worry you'll be forgotten sooner than you think."

Don't worry you'll be forgotten sooner than you think.

And the trees heard the wind and they joyfully responded "hallelujah!

And the last lingering light said don't worry it's all right "hallelujah!"

O my, o my, o my hallelujah!

Now lay aside all earthly cares. x 3

the guy's story:

Sauntering across the snowy hill I thought I was alone. The earth laughs at me still.

Every time I look for something it's always the same I find it where I've already looked but I couldn't say that ahead of the time when all had been tried.

Then woe was me if I did not speak after living in the basement like a hermit for weeks I was trying to think through everything and that is hard.

Strained flood plains of ideas through my tired eyes to find out what had worth I found me a wooden boat all ready to row across the earth.

I laid down to drift. It headed up the mountain ridge. When we came down again it said "There is nothing new my friend".

Then the clouds like angels up there said clear "All your good words will fall upon deaf ears. And though you must bother soon your boons will be gathered to all your fathers who've gone before."

And immediately the sky proclaimed a most unashamed toast to say, "hallelujah!"

And the soil said, "cheers, rejoice in the years you have to live and sing : hallelujah!"

O life is hard. O life is hard. Hallelujah!

Now lay aside all earthly cares. x 3

When they meet:

Then you were there and there was I.

We walked together like morning light it was something new!

Through seasons, past the barns and farms, and the geese and the Spirit and the weeks we spend picking up trash off the fields and the roads. By the ponds and the paths we found mysteries and broken glass. We laid down in the tall grass.

When we woke up you said, "What if this is what we always did?"

Then freedom like a wild forest grew in my heart and brain, but the earth warned we would not remain, "Days under the sun they saw, saw, saw away."

We'd rather stay together all the same to find mysteries and broken glass in the drain.

Two are better than one. So I've heard.

You dance like the light and I'll play like the wind and we'll sing, sing, sing again.

Swim across the lake light a fire to dry our skin and we'll sing, sing, sing again.

And again and again and again sing hallelujah!

Now lay aside all earthly cares. x3


Draw near to hear.

Pay what you say.

He's in heaven your on earth.

Draw near to hear.

Leave empty dreams and speeches

now let your words be few.
Track Name: Who's the Cowbow Now?
I saw the tears of the oppressed.
They had none to comfort them.
So I said better than this misery is to have never entered this history.
Unless you trespass onto the life they've stolen from you.
"You come on my property I'm bound to get my gun, you thought this was a free country, but I'ma teach you boy these colors don't run!" x 2

"Who's the cowboy now? You ain't never been on the range, but I saw you down there on the internet microwaving your brains.
Who's the cowboy now? I'm the one with the stolen land. My only fear is that when this all comes down the wild things are gonna come and take it back!"

Did you kill the man you(who?) killed you? x 4
I ain't dead yet! x 4
"Every night and every morn some to misery are born
Every morn and every night some are born to sweet delight
Some are born to sweet delight Some are more to endless night" - William Blake
But not this one because I trespass! I trespass!
Alive, alive, alive!
Track Name: New Moon
O, Oh the new moon rose The old barn door was open
I was sipping coffee from a mason jar Eyes looking out and hoping
To see a sign that would make me stay but in the morning I kept going

The wind told a story and everything understood
Everything in the wood
But I did not understand
And I felt that I had lost something fine from and earlier age of mankind

Home, on the waters as we go travelin on
Home, open road as we go travelin on
Don't say the old days are better than these
It ain't wisdom that's teaching you that
Don't say the old days are better than these
These are the days you've been given Now is the time for livin
And the best days are to come!
Track Name: When the Rain Comes
We're all singing, we're all singing, we're all singing
... Right...here
And I said in my heart this too is meaningless dear.
And I said to my heart this too is meaningless dear.
When the rain comes... Watch out! Here it comes!

Take shelter under the cloud (Put your hands up in the air get them up right now
Take shelter under the cloud (party people in the house lets dance around now)
Take shelter under the cloud (the moon was coming up and the sun was going down)
take shelter under the cloud (the little bitty rain drops are droppin all around)
take shelter under the cloud (see the moon come up, but it gets covered by the cloud)
Take shelter under the cloud

There's a time for everything but not right now,
there's a time for everything but not right now...
there's a time for everything.
Track Name: Wild Fire
The trees sing to the empire (Isaiah 14:8):
"Since you were laid low no tree cutter come against us."
In the tree farmed managed moments of our lives. Our bark wasn't strong to the lightning
Blackest night, bare branch, the moon is dead. O, come back that the light may be born again
Ideas are old, there's no place to begin. Come O fiery Lord Undomesticated

Sow your seeds in the morning, don't be idle in the evening, You don't know what may grow
And the trees sing to us all: "Time for talking is done. This is a battle cry. Stand with us against the civilized.
This war they started soon will end, There are two sides now and only one will win.
Our branches are strong and our roots are deep, come feral children awake from sleep!"

There is fire in Your coming there is fire in Your eyes there is fire that we all must pass through only what's of You survives
Baptize us in Holy Fire we surrender all our goods unto Your hands we commend our flesh and spirits till the end
Track Name: Moonlight and Fog #2
In the moonlight and fog on the shores of Lake Michigan we made our plans best we could then went night swimming.

In the moonlight and fog we thrived come pain or joy when we became intolerant of the virtual-life void.
Carefully we made our way to a weak spot in the machine
Lord, how we schemed and dreamed our nights away.

In the moonlight and fog I heard her calling, beautiful and Hold.
Lady Wisdom I come to you, cover me.
Eternity -you set it in my heart though nothing I've known so far as lasted
Crush me so my spirit don't float away.
you told me only cowards would obey lies, And I knew you were right,
but I was so afraid at the time

In the moonlight and fog some of us went our separate ways, and perhaps some of us will meet up again someday.
I find it's hard to know the time, but this time I knew it was now or never.

In the moonlight and fog We had no time to look back, but later we heard it was quite a sight to watch city lights go out.

In the moonlight and fog Thrilled and running through the deer paths we made it back to our camp and collapsed.
Woke in the sand, well, by God we're still alive spit the sand out of our mouths and we said good-bye to our fears.
And so we walk on for another day. Life is celebration enough our work's only begun.


We are all moving through and evil fog. Long ago the Word made life, we took that light and made it smog.
Forests were clear-cut to put logs in our eyes of products to sell and advertise.
Just one more frantic effort in our need to run and hide from God our creator.
Like our ancestor Cain we build our cities full of noise. it makes it easier to avoid the Holy Spirit.
O but won't you come again and clear away this nonsense O You Rushing Wind.
/Pae Pae & Assoc!

The wind can be spirit, the wind can be vanity These contradictions could lead to insanity except for the fact that wind is physical reality (feel it on your body now I know you know what I mean).
Unlike this propaganda that is fed to us daily. Lord we pray Thee, "lead us far away from this machine. Exodus us from progress and it's technicians."
/Pae Pae & Assoc!

They weaken resistance by flooding our consciousness with too much information, till wisdom is consumption of a mediated existence.
Displaced we are nothing and drowning in a global blah of toxic seas.
Search any media and now you shall see The end of humanity in the chaos of technology.
Say good-bye to all liberty as our hearts become policy and knowledge.
Forms with no content, image with no truth; it is better to learn silence in the days of your youth.
perhaps you will be the one to sing the songs we long for, that shut up the idols and the highways roar, and lead us to the One whom it is Life to adore.
Track Name: Dare!
I know you're tired and you want to sleep but remember we've got vows to keep we're done with indecisiveness let your yes be yes.
It's a wild night there's poems to write. The moon over that empty field of frozen glistening snow; let's run in it, let's go!
The biting air against my face, our breath is seen in the empty space, it disappears -our lives are but a vapor.
yet one vapor formed, as we heavily breathed, into an arrow from a bow released. It shot into a telephone wire there was fire.

Cast your bread on the surface of the water for you will find it after many days true. We dare to loose!
the water might flow anywhere to anything. If truth be found there you must dare to believe. Dare to leap in!
The water and the soil mix like miracles and coincidence, and in-between you risk is sure we dare to build.
We dare to work!
Rejoice as the river to the ocean brings the same old things. He'll raise us up to walk upon a narrow new path never yet gone. We dare to be! x4

The fire fell and we were filled now finally our lives can yield a harvest that gives light that is life. x2

I fire taking pictures of love. And I'm on fire, and I love lovin. (I fire)
Track Name: Moon and Fire
There was the moon and there was fire I stood before it I felt desire
I didn't speak it it didn't seem it was the time to talk about it
There was moon and there was fire I looked into it. i saw it was two things.
It was You Lord, and it was Your absence. It was two things, and I thought about that.

(chorus -- it is good that you grasp one thing And also not let go of the other
For the one who fears God comes forth with both
Who knows what is good for a man during the few years of his futile life? He will spend them like a shadow and he will die.)

There was the moon and there was fire I sat beside it I felt it's hotness upon my face
And it was wonderful to feel hotness, and feel all things that I can feel, and see light and all light reveals.
All my senses and their capacity to receive beauty I got it for free
I didn't work hard to enjoy this I merely sit here and it is part of me
You have made me Lord I didn't buy me You gave me life and everything worth anything is free, so free

There was the moon and there was fire I laid me down there for I was tired
Through the night I checked upon it I did not want to roll up on it
In the morning it was ash, it didn't last
That's a story I can understand Its' happened several times since I've tried to be a man
I get this fire, but in the morning it is ash, It doesn't last
But I have heard there is a fire that keeps on burning the bright and morning star
how long shall we fake life O we civilized

While they are building their tower of babble, We'll be tearing it down with our wild brothers and sisters!

For everything there is a moment Come with me friends Come along with me friends Come along with me my friends. Let's not waste it.

(we entreat You, we entreat You, make us truly alive!)
Daily this living earth's sorely assaulted by a culture that cares more for money than life.
Do you think God put you here to grow fat on water and air soaking up so-called good times as time floats on by?
Water and sky, forest and field all will die if this culture won't yield (and we all know it won't).
These are the days we've been gifted with breath will we stand by and watch all we love choked to death?
Who must we answer to, where are the last of these? Listen, creation groans fighting for liberty!
War is upon us so take a deep breath, and fight, fight, fight along side of your friends!
We have been given but a moment now live it speak no barren words, make no empty vows.
Now is the time to toil as if there were no God, but know if there is no God nothing has been done!!!
In this earth literal, physical land, we will make our stand against kings and machines!
Those blasphemers mock you Lord, make our hearts true and whatever our hands find to do may they do with all of their might!
Sing courage to my soul land of the living! x8
Track Name: Fields of Green
The fields of green that we passed by
We had other things on our mind.
You said let's leave, I said I'm game
You meant right out of this old state.
we saw some sights, we turned around. We ended up back here in town (Jackson?)
Track Name: Come Thou Warrior in Soul Thou Poet in Deed for at 12:17 We Shall Believe
Smash the town clock our schedules are more precise than the second
Forsake the sidewalk for a highway more direct than already
Calculated a stride of becoming but math did not get it
With movements so strict and efficient that poetry was jealous
At last we had the last laugh on city hall (high five!) our play is effective.

What time is it Lord, what time is it Lord?
You've made everything beautiful in its time, but what does it mean to be alive
And what is this place in which I find that I am the wicked I seek for a sign?

Now where the wind blows I go, don't know where that is, you can hear the sound of it but it escapes all your predict
I was running and I don't know why I looked into the sky the moon was up in the daytime, the sun was rising, in-between was a tree beside me. Look at it: It's fall out, it smells good, there's a cold breeze (burr)
Burn a twenty there is plenty more where that came from, well not money but something
A car passed by and I said hi [they ask] "you need a ride" [I respond] "why not." [they ask] "where are you doing" [I respond] "absolutely." [someone asks] "anywhere?"
[later on in the day I say to them] "let me out of the car now" [then to anyone] "come on, that blinking yellow light would make a good dance floor, I'm serious It's time to get serious."

What time is it Lord, what time is it Lord?
I asked around we had nothing to say Now I'm on my face Lord teach me to pray.
heaven and earth they will pass away But your words shall not pass away.

I was walking on the tracks in Jackson. I saw a deer, I walked over to it
and It looked at me in the eye and said:
"Do you see this world around you, do you see the trees, do you see the flora and fauna,
do you see how we swing and we sway and we moan with the morning winds and the evening tide, do you see the sun setting in the West?"

I looked around and I noticed it for the first time in months.

and I said "ya, ya I understand I see that"
and the deer said: "look closer do you really understand do you really see what's going on?"

and I looked again and I saw the rising of cities and I saw the destruction of lands that I had never seen before.
and it came to me in a vision that this all at once terrible and frightening

and I said: "how did all this happen how did I never see it before?"

and the deer just looked at me

and I said: "I don't understand."
the deer looked at me again and said: "you don't understand."

the deer walked away into the forest; I could not follow.

Chorus: Tossed about in a sea of words
Reading and talking fenced in with the herd
Harvest time, harvesting
Revised revisiting
The same scar on my mind
All that is weak, all that's despised

After months of sleeping in the city I took the night train to Jackson I got off in the terminal and I walked in front and I saw the deer lying in the tracks. I looked at it in the eyes and the deer looked at me with a sign of faint recognition.

and I said: how did this happen?"

and the deer glanced at the huge machine next to me, the titanic monster, paving the way for civilization.

and the deer said: "Do you see now, do you understand?"

and I looked around me, the city, at the train, at the nightmares of man.

and I said: "I understand."
the deer said: "then do something about it!"
Track Name: In the Moonlight and Fog/Amidst This Apocalyptic Twilight
In the moonlight and fog We had no time to look back, but later we heard it was quite a sight to watch city lights go out.

In the moonlight and fog Thrilled and running through the deer paths we made it back to our camp and collapsed.
Woke in the sand, well, by God we're still alive spit the sand out of our mouths and we said good-bye to our fears.
And so we walk on for another day. Life is celebration enough our work's only begun.

O vanity of vanities, O vanity of vanities...

Songs of the poets, songs of our youth
Songs of the moment of the roads we must choose
In the days of the time any highway we find we'll walk
Far north to a wild country that will test our talk

never tire, new trails will form, here a birch tree fell on what was worn
We were forced to find a new way, like the river to the sea we'll move and stay.
Adventure not security, what we seek is to live free.
hopefully someday we'll look back on a life where we kept holding hands and we'll say, "all right" "That was that." "thank you dear" "sleep by my side one last time" "the sky is clear."

All the earth is busy living its life
the wild things love and are loved so why shouldn't I?
Don't need me no job, don't care to make it in this world.
Just want friends who know the Lord's Prayer and say it, and perhaps a girl.
We'd live in a cabin in the woods together, our life would be a letter that said. "Don't ever Give up! Don't ever give up!"

Would it have been better to have not been born? In the night this question kept you warm.
When the morning came you stood forlorn and you moved on like you always do.
behind you grew things you never knew, a shady grove, red fruit and blue
I know you want what I want too
The spirit it comes through the wound.

Follow the impulses of your heart in the days of your youth and the desire of your eyes;
But know you'll be judged for all that you do, fear God, follow His ways they are Life.
The Spirit comes through the wound.